Riders ford the Tweed for Braw Lads Gathering

Hundreds of spectators lined the banks as horses and riders forded the River Tweed at Abbotsford for the Braw Lads Gathering in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders.

The ride will continue back into the Old Town for a ceremony to celebrate the town's history.

Braw Lads
The Braw Lads Gathering has been held annually since 1930
Braw Lads
The horses and riders ford the River Tweed towards Abbotsford
Braw Lads
The ride commemorates the date Gala lads killed English raiders in 1337


Braw Lads Gathering in Galashiels ends

Hundreds of spectators turned out to watch a ride around the town as part of Galahsiels' Braw Lads Gathering.