New service is a 'speed-dating for volunteers'

People can register their interest via the Project Finder online Credit: PA

A new service, to help volunteers find opportunities to get involved in environmental projects, has been described as a 'speed-dating' for volunteers.

It's a first for UK environment projects, which will allow local voluntary groups to register their profile and volunteering opportunities free of charge online.

A number of organisations have already posted details of projects taking place all over Scotland including surveys of birds, bats, hedgehogs, glow-worms, butterflies and Scottish Dragons, a reptile and amphibian conservation project.

'We’d like to think Project Finder is the equivalent of speed dating for volunteers as it can help identify projects that appeal to them very quickly as well as support voluntary groups in promoting their opportunities as widely as possible.

There are wide ranging benefits of getting more people, of all ages, involved in recording environmental observations.

As scientists, we get more data to help improve our understanding of environmental changes. Taking part in citizen science projects not only improves volunteers’ understanding of the environment, but changes their attitudes towards it and motivates them to take more action to protect it.'

-Paul Griffiths, Principal Scientist in SEPA and Citizen Science lead for Scotland’s Environment Web

Register your volunteer intentions or your group opportunities via the Project Finder here.