Blood Bikers saving lives across our region

A life-saving scheme has been introduced to Dumfries. Blood Bikes will see volunteer motorcyclists providing free out of hours transport for blood and medical supplies.

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30 people sign up to become Blood Bikers

30 bikers have already signed up for a new scheme which delivers emergency medical materials to those most in need.

Blood Bike riders will need to go through a rigorous training programme before getting accreditation to ride for the service.

"The bikers can actually use their own bikes or they can use the livery bikes that we have. If they use their own bikes they simply have to take a short assessment to see that they are safe in what they do, if they want to use the livery bikes they have to be an advanced rider with the AIM or Rostera.

"The bikes are equipped with blues and twos so we do a little bit of training for blues and twos so that people are aware of what's reburied when they're being used."

– Alan Bragg, Blood Bikes Cumbria & S.W Scotland

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