New exhibition to open at Coldstream Museum

Squarescapes, by Rich Johnson Credit: Rich Johnson

The first exhibition of the year is set to open at Coldstream Museum, showing the work of a local artist.

Rich Johnson's exhibition is called Squarescapes, and features landscapes inspired by his surroundings:

“My art is influenced by the landscape of the area - woods, fields and streams – and playing, walking and exploring them.

“It had a profound influence on me and I keep coming back to these themes in my work. I'm interested in borders generally - where trees meet fields, where the horizon meets the sky and of course where the land meets the sea.

"Squarescapes started life as small eight-inch square canvasses, little snapshots of landscape as glimpsed and remembered while travelling around the Borders, but they gradually grew larger.”

– Rich Johnson, artist

Squarescapes opens on Monday 30 March until Sunday 31 May.

The exhibition will be open 9:30am to 12:30pm and 1pm to 4pm, Monday to Saturday, and 2pm to 4pm on Sundays.