Sellafield guarantees work for Cumbrians during decommissioning process

Cumbrian workers will be given priority in the decommissioning process Credit: PA Images

Sellafield has announced a deal guaranteeing jobs for local people during the decommissioning of the nuclear site.

The agreement has been signed between Sellafield Ltd and a series companies involved in the decommissioning process.

Among the promises made by the firms:

  • A 'local first' approach to recruitment, with one consortium aiming for 95% of its work carried out by Cumbrian staff
  • 150 jobs for what are described as 'under-represented or disadvantaged' people
  • Up to 240 new apprenticeships over 10 years
  • Training and business mentoring

Sellafield Ltd says these commitments will be written into the contracts of the organisations carrying out the decommissioning.

It suggests that more than a thousand jobs a year could be created or supported during the ten years of the decommissioning contracts.

Our first priority will always be the safe, secure and cost-effective clean-up of Sellafield.

But alongside that is a commitment to help deliver a long-term, sustainable economic future for our local community.

– Paul Foster, Managing Director, Sellafield Ltd