Brian brings amputee football to Annan Athletic

Brian Murray from Eastriggs plays with Everton Amputee F.C Credit: Brian Murray

An Eastriggs man has brought amputee football to Annan Athletic and attracted players from all over Scotland and Cumbria for a training session.

Brian Murray lost his leg to cancer when he was 10 years old. He recently took up football again and has been travelling to Merseyside from his Dumfries and Galloway home to play with Everton Amputee F.C and when the team asked if there was somewhere suitable close to him for he and other amputees to play. Annan Athletic agreed to host the session.

Some of the younger players enjoying the training session Credit: ITV Border

Officials are now going to look at whether there could be a more permenent training session set up in the area. Watch Hannah McNulty's report below: