Police warn of increase in car break-ins at D&G town

A spate of vehicle thefts have occured in Annan, Dumfries & Galloway Credit: PA

Local residents in Annan are being warned to be more vigilant when leaving their cars unattended.

A spate of thefts occurred in the town overnight Monday 3rd to Tuesday 4th July, including:

  • Costume jewellery and a bank card stolen from a black coloured Peugeot 308 car parked on Springbells road
  • Tom Tom satellite navigator blue stolen from a blue coloured Audi A4 car parked on Guysgill road
  • Two satellite navigators stolen from a black coloured Volkswagen Golf car parked on Kennels Road.

Clearly someone is sneaking about the town through the night and stealing from cars that are not secure.

We urge anyone leaving their car to ensure that it is locked up and any valuables are either removed or placed out of sight in the vehicle.

Anyone who has any information about these thefts, the value of which is mounting and well into the hundreds of pounds now, to get I touch with us at Annan on the 101 number."