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Weather: A day of winners and losers

It has been the warmest April day for nearly 70 years for the UK.

29.1C was recorded in London, 19C was the official reading for Carlisle.

But western coastal parts of the region really missed out.

South westerly breezes brought in cloud and mist from the Irish Sea holding down the temperatures at around 12C.

Weather: Temperatures climb

After a cloudy start the sun is starting to shine over the region.

Where we see the best of it temperatures will be WELL above the average for this time in April.

Although some stubborn cloud will take the edge off for some - the fine weather will last into the weekend.


Weather: Is there a 'heatwave' on the way?

There has been a lot over coverage over recent days about a 'heatwave' for the UK.

Headlines claim temperatures will be 'hotter than the Costa del Sol', 'warmer than Greece' and 'higher than California'.

So is there any truth in that?

It is indeed true that warm air is moving across the UK over the next three days. For some that will see temperatures as high as 24C.

For our region it is more likely to be in the high teens, but still above average for the time of year.

Although the top temperatures may well beat some more traditionally 'hot' countries it won't last.

Temperatures will be sliding back down as we look towards the weekend

Weather: HEAVY RAIN overnight

HEAVY rain overnight

Rain across southwestern parts of Scotland on Tuesday morning will turn persistent and heavy at times overnight.

Rainfall accumulations of 40 to 50 mm are possible across the high ground of Dumfries and Galloway.

This falling on to saturated ground may lead to localised flooding of rivers along with surface water and spray on roads.


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