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Weather: What to expect today

The forecast is more like winter than late April - with wintry showers, hail and chilly temperatures.

To put a more positive spin on it - here are some of the pictures I have been sent of the dramatic weather over the last 24 hours.

Burst of winter Credit: Tracey Laing
Wintry showers Credit: Gill Sirett
Heavy showers Credit: Carol Grey


Weather: Wintry showers

A quick look at the cloud satellite and rain radar from today will show you just what a mix of weather we have going on.

Sunny spells, patchy cloud and plenty of showers.

Satellite and radar

With our winds coming from the north the temperatures are very low for the time of year - feeling like 4C or below in the northerly winds.

That means the showers have been falling as a mixture of rain, sleet and snow - even down to lower levels.

Chuck in some heavy downpours of hail and we have a very active set up that will last through the next few days.


Weather: A wintry feel

With high pressure in the west and low pressure in the east we are seeing a feed of chilly air moving down from the north.

A cold front has been moving across the region bringing chilly conditions.

Gusty winds follow with showers that will be wintry - even down to lover levels overnight.

Unfortunately for those hoping to see a return to last week's warm temperatures this set up is due to stay with us for the next few days.

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