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Cumbrian climber conquers 1,200m cliff

Cumbrian climber Leo Houlding has tweeted that his team have made it back to base camp after climbing the Mirror Wall, in Greenland.

Mirror Wall, Greenland Credit: Leo Houlding / Berghaus

Leo Houlding and his team are the first to ascend the middle of the cliff face which stands at 1,200 metres tall.

Leo Houlding starts to climb the Mirror Wall Credit: Leo Houlding / Berghaus

Triathlon challenge to help Nepal

Tim will attempt to cycle the Fred Whitton route. Credit: Tim Mosedale

A Cumbrian mountaineer, who's trying to raise thousands of pounds for the victims of the Nepalese earthquake, begins a two day triathlon challenge this evening.

Tim Mosedale will try to cycle 112 miles over the Lake District passes, then swim the length of Derwentwater and back, and finally run over 42 Cumbrian mountains - all within 48 hours.


Cream tea to help bring Wigton man home from India

John Armstrong Credit: ITV Border

A cream tea is being held in Wigton today, to help bring a Cumbrian man home from India.

John Armstrong was arrested for suspected weapons offences in October 2013, while working as an anti-piracy guard in the Indian Ocean.

The charges against him, and five other men, were dropped, but the Indian police appealed, and the men will now have to stand trial.

Today is John's birthday, and it's hoped the cream tea, which is being put on by his sister, Joanne Thomlinson, will raise money, and awareness.

Find out more about the story here.


Watch: sister speaks out about India trial

Joanne Thomlinson is speaking out, after learning that her brother is going to be standing trial in India.

John Armstrong was working as an anti-piracy guard in the Indian Ocean when he, and five other Brits, were arrested under suspicion of weapons offences.

The charges were dropped, but the Indian police force appealed the decision, and the men will now have to stand trial.

Watch Joanne's first TV interview, since she learned the news:

Campaign against St Abbs lifeboat closure

Nearly three hundred people have taken part in a protest against the planned closure of the Lifeboat Station in St Abbs. The RNLI wants to shut the station at the end of this summer, after reviewing the use of its services over the last decade. But the village community say they won't give it up without a fight. Jenny Longden reports

Lifeboat station is 'heart of St Abbs'

Nearly 300 people took part in the protest walk Credit: ITV Border

Local people took to the streets of St Abbs to demonstrate against the closure of their lifeboat station.

14 crew members and other volunteers at the station are from the local area.

Those taking part in the protest said the station is the heart of the community.

Credit: ITV Border

The RNLI said:

The difficult decision to close St Abbs lifeboat station was taken over five years and based, amongst other things, on data going back further than ten years. The RNLI acknowledges the strength of feeling that there is within the community and this is demonstrated by the walk

– RNLI Spokesman
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