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Dumfries group 'overwhelmed' with Calais refugee donations

People in the region have been generous with their donations. Credit: ITV Border

A group set up in Dumfries to help refugees in Calais say they have been overwhelmed by the amount of donations received.

The "Massive Outpouring Of Love" team say they now have enough items, but are looking for people to help sort through parcels, and get them to Calais as soon as possible.

There are still items online that we need such as toiletries, camping equipment and food, however when it comes to clothes we're not accepting anymore donations of clothes.

What we really need people to help us with now is help us to process it so we can get the stuff down there."

– Tabitha Mudaliar, Massive Outpouring of Love


Galashiels couple "thankful" to return from Indian rail crash

Ian and Helen Calder Credit: Helen Calder

A Galashiels couple on board an Indian train that derailed say they are thankful to be back home after the ordeal.

Ian and Helen Calder were on the trip of a lifetime when the train they were travelling on came off the tracks.

Two British women died and others were injured.

There was 15 of us in that carriage, most of them were catapulted out their seats, were flying in all directions. Some left the train out the windows.

One gentleman that was travelling next to us, he went up in the air and Ian managed to catch him as he was going out the window and I grabbed hold of him as well, and we managed to pull him back onto our knee.

He certainly saved us I think because the weight of him on top of us held us but he sustained quite serious head injuries. We are very thankful, very lucky to be home."

– Helen Calder

Special anniversary for King's Own Scottish Borderers

The King's Own Scottish Borderers were sent to the Malaysian jungles Credit: British Pathe

This week marks the sixtieth anniversary of men from across the south of Scotland going off to fight in the Far East.

The King's Own Scottish Borderers were sent to the Malaysian jungles in 1955 as part of the British Army's Malayan Emergency fight against communist rebels.

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