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Lockerbie bombing: 'if it was Libya, it was Gaddafi'

Throughout the Lockerbie bombing investigation, questions have been raised about the involvement of Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi, who was convicted of the crime.

Oliver Miles spent a short time as British Ambassador to Libya in 1984, and he isn't certain Libya was involved at all.

But he says if the country was involved, it was certainly organised at the highest level:

Don't forget that Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi, who was convicted of the crime, was convicted of conspiracy. No-one imagines that he acted alone.

There must have been a team, if he was part of it, it was a Libyan team, and if it was a Libyan team, it was Gaddafi."

– Oliver Miles, former British ambassador to Libya

Lockerbie bombing: family still hopeful for justice

One month after it was confirmed there were two new suspects in the Lockerbie Bombing investigation, there appears to have been very little progress.

Former British ambassador to Libya, Oliver Miles says he fears the truth of what happened may never be known.

He also says he's not 100% convinced Libya was involved in the 1988 downing of Pan Am flight 103.

But not everyone doubts Libya's involvement. Susan Cohen is the mother of one of the 189 Americans who were on board:

I want to make clear that to the American families there is no issue about whether it was Megrahi, and whether it was Libya."

– Susan Cohen

At 77, Susan is still hopeful she will live to see justice done.


Lockerbie bombing: 'we will probably never know the truth'

Pam Am flight 103 Credit: PA

A former British ambassador to Libya says he's not convinced questions will ever fully be answered about the Lockerbie bombing.

It's a month since Scottish prosecutors announced they want to speak to two Libyan suspects in connection with the downing of Pam Am flight 103 in 1988 which killed 270 people:

I think we will probably never know the truth, I would say one major reservation, or exception is that, I could imagine there might be a deathbed confession.

Someone who was involved might on his deathbed tell the story, so to speak."

– Oliver Miles, Former British Ambassador to Libya

WATCH: 4,500 mile trip from Kelso... to Kelso

A Scottish Borders town is sending one of its residents on a trip of more than 4,500 miles... in the hope that they can establish twin-town status.

Kelso in Scotland is aiming to forge links with Kelso in Washington state in the Northwest corner of the United States.

It's a city that was planned and founded by a former Scottish Borders immigrant in the 1880s.

Kim Inglis has this report:

Appeal following a fire at a Jedburgh primary school

Police in the Scottish Borders are appealing for witnesses following a roof fire at a school in Jedburgh.

A member of the public noticed flames coming from the gym building at Parkside Primary on Waterside Road at 2:10am on November 8.

No one was injured and the Scottish Fire and Rescue service quickly discovered the seat of the fire, which measured approximately 18 inches by 18 inches.

“Fortunately no one was injured and this fire never had the opportunity to grow thanks to the actions of a member of the public and the quick response of the emergency services.

“However, this is a very serious matter and we are conducting various lines of inquiry in an effort to trace those responsible.

“We are looking very closely into the reports of a small group of youths who were seen in the area and I would urge anyone who can help us identify them to come forward immediately.

“Those with relevant information are asked to contact police on 101 or, alternatively the registered charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

– Inspector Alistair Hutchens, Police Scotland

Thousands attend Carlisle's Remembrance Sunday parade

Veterans and dignitaries gather to pay their respects on Remembrance Sunday in Carlisle Credit: ITV Border

Thousands of people gathered in Carlisle to join veterans, members of the armed forces, cadets and dignitaries in paying their respects to those who died for their country.

The service reflected on the deaths of those who died fighting in World War One and every war since.

During the two minutes silence the city centre fell quiet, the wind and rain making the only sounds.

Wreaths were placed on the cenotaph Credit: ITV Border


PICTURES: Remembrance Sunday in Dumfries

Hundreds turned out for memorial services in Dumfries Credit: ITV News Border

Hundreds of people braved the driving wind and rain in Dumfries to remember those who gave their lives during war.

Politicians, councillors, veterans and members of the public gathered at various war memorials across the town to pay their respects.

Wreaths were laid at the war memorial Credit: ITV News Border

The service fell silent for two minutes at 11 o'clock, to mark the end of the war.

The two minute silence Credit: ITV News Border

To officially end the service, the marching band and parade of veterans took place.

The parade of veterans Credit: ITV News Border

Everybody who attended the service had their own reasons for being there, some to remember fallen loved ones, others to say thank you to the soldiers fighting wars today.

For the 2015 Guid Nychburris Cornet, Ross Hyslop, it was about remembrance and tradition.

"Despite the terrible weather it's great to see so many people here to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

"For myself, being Cornet, the history of Guid Nychburris is that it was traditionally always a soldier who was elected as Cornet, so it was very important for me to be here today."

– Ross Hyslop, 2015 Dumfries Cornet
Ross Hyslop, Dumfries Cornet 2015 Credit: ITV News Border

A Cumbrian couple received so much charity aid for Gambia they rented a 40ft shipping container

Colin and Sharon Fox, right. Credit: Colin & Sharon Fox

A couple from Egremont in West Cumbria have collected so much aid to take on holiday to the Gambia they have had to set up a charity and book a 40ft shipping container.

Colin and Sharon Fox have been overwhelmed by the generosity of Cumbrians and hope to help Gambian children go to school and furnish a hospital.

The Fox family in Gambia Credit: Colin & Sharon Fox

They started collecting aid after going to the Gambia on their honeymoon and now their house has become a sorting office.

It was very hot and dusty and there was children there that just had basically a pair of shorts and nothing else - no shoes, no tops. It just hit you like a thunderbolt: all these kids screaming and dancing and singing because they just couldn't believe that we'd gone into their school to see them. The children have to walk for quite some time to get to most schools and - the school especially that we're supporting - there's no running water so there's a well in the village and if they don't have the water bottle, they can't fill the water bottle to go to school, so they can't go to school. So we decided those children needed a water bottle because they should be entitled to go to school. It just seemed a ridiculous reason not to be able to go to school for.

– Sharon Fox, Siiboo

So much came in, they've gone from taking an extra suitcase on their next holiday to a 40ft shipping container, helping hundreds of children go to school and furnishing a hospital.

We have backpacks from the Backpack Appeal and in each backpack there'll be school equipment, there'll be personal hygiene equipment, they'll get a water bottle, which is really important to the kids: they need that to go to school and on top of that we've got the Big Little Shoe Appeal, where we ask for people to donate shoes. Again a lot of schools in the Gambia don't allow their children to go to school without shoes. That's been very successful; we've got in excess of 300 pairs. They've donated bicycles, they've donated trampolines and just recently we've got a load of stuff from West Cumberland University Hospitals - probably enough medical equipment to furnish two wards - and through the Friends of the Gambia Association that will be getting shipped out to open a new build hospital in Bakendik that will be opened much sooner than ever imagined due to the generosity of Cumbria.

– Colin Fox, Siiboo

People that live locally to us have donated all these things that they no longer need but that those kids are going to love. That to me is just massive.

– Sharon Fox, Siiboo

They've had to get their heads around the paperwork of setting up a charity and talking to shipping companies. They now need donations to help transport all this in March.

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