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Border region's MPs vote on Syria air strikes

Ground crew work on a RAF Tornado GR4. Credit: PA

In Cumbria four MPs have voted in favour of air strikes against so-called IS targets in Syria, while one MP voted against.

In the south of Scotland, two MPs voted against air strikes, while one MP voted in favour:

MPs who voted in favour of air strikes against IS targets. Credit: ITV Border
MPs who voted against carrying out air strikes. Credit: ITV Border


UK Airstrikes in Syria: What people in the Border region think

We've been out in Carlisle city centre canvassing opinions on the debate raging in the House of Commons today:

"If we air strike on Syria it's gonna have a massive impact on the UK. Probably not up here but certainly in the major cities, you know, it's retaliation that they thrive on, and they will just, you know, we'll feel it hard like Paris has, and like everyone else has."

"I think I'm for it to be honest. I think we need to do something rather than nothing, whether, it needs to be with a coalition and everything else of course, we can't just go it alone."

"War just gets war. It'll go on and on and on won't it. No I think there's too many people gonna suffer that shouldn't be suffering as well. No I think they've got to find another way around it."

Border region's MPs set to vote on Syria airstrikes this evening

David Cameron facing the opposition benches Credit: PA

This evening MPs will vote on whether to take military action in Syria. It's a subject that's dividing opinion in Parliament and here in the region.

David Cameron has called on MPs to back airstrikes against the 'evil' of so-called Islamic State in Syria. The matter is currently being debated in the House of Commons and the region's MPs will be voting on the matter at 10pm tonight.

Cumbrians send Christmas gifts to Calais migrants

Christmas presents are amongst the gifts. Credit: ITV Border

Christmas presents are amongst the aid packages that Cumbrians are sending to refugees and migrants in Calais.

A group of nine volunteers has set off from Carlisle, and they're also taking food, clothing and bedding to the series of camps known as 'The Jungle'.


Carlisle volunteers leave for refugee aid mission

Volunteers from Carlisle have left for Calais, bearing aid packages for the thousands of refugees there.

The convoy has been organised by Calais Action Carlisle. Credit: ITV Border
The convoy has been organised by Calais Action Carlisle. Credit: ITV Border

The convoy has been organised by Calais Action Carlisle.

Carlisle volunteers leave for Calais 'Jungle'

Calais Action Carlisle members sorting through donations Credit: ITV Border

A team of volunteers is leaving Carlisle for the camps around Calais this morning.

They're taking over a truck filled with clothes and others items of aid collected from across Cumbria and South West Scotland.

The convoy has been organised by the Calais Action Carlisle group.

Dumfries woman, 76, tied up and robbed in own home

East Cluden where the robbery took place Credit: ITV Border

Police Scotland are appealing for witnesses after a 76 year-old woman was robbed and tied up within her home address in the early hours of this morning.

The woman was asleep in her home in East Cluden Village when she was woken by two men in her bedroom just after midnight.

They tied the woman up and proceeded to search the property and steal a significant quantity of jewelry and cash before leaving the house in an unknown direction.

The 76 year-old woman, who was unharmed, managed to untie herself before seeking assistance from a neighbour.

“Although unharmed, this was a very distressing experience for this elderly lady and it is important that we trace the men responsible as soon as possible.

"I would like appeal to anyone who may have any information as to who is responsible. These men need to be apprehended as they have preyed upon a vulnerable lady within her own home.

"I would like to reassure the community that despicable crimes like this are rare and we all must do what we can to trace these men as soon as possible.

"Any information you may have, no matter however small you feel it is, may make all the difference as part of our broader investigation."

– Detective Chief Inspector Colin Burnie

The two suspects are described as white, well spoken, possibly with English accents and aged between 30 and 40. At the time of the incident their faces were covered and the suspects were wearing dark clothing.

Please call police at Dumfries using the 101 number if you have any information, alternatively you can call CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555 111 where anonymity will be maintained.

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