Kaiser's connection with Cumbria

Before World War One the German Emperor was twice a visitor to what is now Cumbria, due to his great friendship with the Earl of Lonsdale

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Friends who became foes: A German Emperor and a Cumbrian Earl

Kaiser Wilhelm 2nd and the Earl of Lonsdale
Kaiser Wilhelm 2nd and the Earl of Lonsdale Credit: ITV Border

Much of the blame for World War One is often placed on the German emperor Kaiser Wilhelm the second. But what's less known about him is his connection to what is now Cumbria and his great friendship before the war with the Earl of Lonsdale.

On a state visit to Penrith and the Lake District he was cheered by local people. But as war loomed the friendship broke down and Lord Lonsdale eventually formed his own army battalion to fight the Germans.


Special services to mark centenary of WW1

Field of poppies
Credit: PA

Thousands of people from across Cumbria and the South of Scotland will attend special ceremonies to mark the centenary of the start of the First World War.

Sixteen million people died in the Great War, which started one hundred years ago today.

For a full list of services in Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders, clickhere.

BREAKING: Blencathra listed as a community asset

Blencathra has been listed as a community asset by Eden District Council.

The sale of the Cumbrian fell was agreed with an unnamed bidder for more than the asking price of £1.75 million on Friday.

Community group Friends of Blencathra were disappointed not to win the sale but say they are delighted the mountain has been designated a community asset.


Friends of Blencathra: "As far as we're concerned, negotiations are still open"

The Friends of Blencathra, the community group trying to buying the Lake District mountain, has responded to reports it has been sold to an 'unnamed party'.

This announcement has yet to be confirmed to us or to our legal representatives by the agents acting for the Lonsdale Estate. Until then, we are still campaigning and still going strong. As far as we are concerned, negotiations are still open. Yesterday, our representatives offered to match one particular bid, and our understanding was that this was being looked upon favourably".

– Group Chair Debbie Cosgrove

For the moment, for Friends of Blencathra it is business as usual. We have yet to be formally advised that negotiations are over. We continue to fundraise, to strengthen our position, and new members are still joining us. Whatever the outcome of the next few days may be, we are a group of people who care passionately about Blencathra and the future. We are continuing with our application to have Blencathra listed as a Community Asset."

– Treasurer David Farrar

Update: Cumbrian vicar shares Brazil's World Cup fever

The World Cup in Brazil enters the quarter-final stages today.

Before the tournament started we spoke to Reverend Ben Phillips who was a vicar in Stanix, Carlisle, before he moved to Brazil with his family and three children two years ago.

He's now chaplain of Christ Church in Botafogo, the only English-speaking Anglican Church in Rio De Janeiro.

Neil Billingham caught up with Ben to see how he and his family are enjoying the World Cup experience.

Blencathra is sold to an unnamed party

The mountain went on sale on Monday 5th May Credit: PA

The Cumbrian fell Blencathra has been sold to an unnamed bidder according to a press release issued by the agents H&H acting for the Lonsdale Estates.

Hugh Lowther put it on the market at 1.75 million pounds plus VAT as he needs to raise two million pounds to pay off a nine million pound inheritance tax bill.

Blencathra is one of the Lake District's most popular fells. When it was put up for sale in May it created a flurry of interest.

Locally a group, called the Friends of Blencathra, set up a social media campaign to raise the money to buy it. Thousands of people made pledges and on Tuesday, 24 hours ahead of the deadline for sealed bids, those involved with the charity had their fingers crossed that they would be successful.

Earlier a statement from the land agent said:

'We confirm that our client Lonsdale Settled Estate has instructed us to accept an offer from an unnamed buyer which exceeds the guide price for Blencathra Mountain.

Prior to reaching this decision we had discussions with representatives from ‘The Friends of Blencathra’. We have taken into account both their offer and the fact that there is a significant shortfall between this, and the successful offer.'

Debbie Cosgrove, founder and chair of the Friends of Blencathra says the group are shocked and disappointed as they had said they could match the higher offer within 24 hours.

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