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Lifeboat station is 'heart of St Abbs'

Nearly 300 people took part in the protest walk Credit: ITV Border

Local people took to the streets of St Abbs to demonstrate against the closure of their lifeboat station.

14 crew members and other volunteers at the station are from the local area.

Those taking part in the protest said the station is the heart of the community.

Credit: ITV Border

The RNLI said:

The difficult decision to close St Abbs lifeboat station was taken over five years and based, amongst other things, on data going back further than ten years. The RNLI acknowledges the strength of feeling that there is within the community and this is demonstrated by the walk

– RNLI Spokesman

Lockerbie families fail in Megrahi appeal

Megrahi Credit: PA

Judges have ruled that relatives of the victims of the Lockerbie bombing should not be allowed to pursue an appeal on behalf of the man convicted of the atrocity - Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi.

Delivering the court's judgment, Lord Carloway said: "The Scottish criminal justice system does not at present allow victims or relatives of victims to be direct participants in criminal proceedings."

Since June last year, the SCCRC has been considering a fresh, joint application from members of Megrahi's family and the Justice for Megrahi campaign group, which includes relatives of British victims of the bombing, to review the conviction.

It was believed to be an unprecedented move - the first time in UK legal history that relatives of murdered victims have united with the relatives of a convicted deceased in such a way.


Cumbrian man detained in India expected to stand trial

Credit: John Armstrong

A man from Cumbria who has been detained in India for 21 months over alleged weapons offences has been told this morning he will go on trial.

John Armstrong, from Wigton, was one of six Britons detained in October 2013.

The charges were later dropped, but police in India appealed that decision and that appeal has now been upheld.

The men, who were part of a crew providing security for shipping, strongly deny the charges.


Festival boss: Red Devil fell from sky like 'bat flapping its wings'

The boss of the Whitehaven Air Show festival has described the "jaw-dropping horror" as a Red Devil began to fall from the sky like a "bat flapping its wings".

All of the chutes left, and within seconds... it just became apparent that the chute collapsed.

It was like a bat flapping its wings and it was quite clear the guy was out of control. At that point he was overland. To be honest it was as near death as you are ever going to come at a festival.

There was either an entanglement or a rescue by the chap above. We all just watched in horror as he managed to steer him right the way down the line of the festival and into the water behind us. It was jaw-dropping, it really was."

– Gerard Richardson, Festival Organiser

Parachute incident compared to a 'near-death' experience by festival organiser

The Chief Executive of the festival company behind the Whitehaven Airshow has said the failure of a parachute to deploy was as 'near-deathy as your were ever going to come during a festival'.

A Red Devil parachutist caught his teammate mid-air when one of their parachutes failed to open fully during a display.

Gerard Richardson witnessed the entire incident, saying it was clear the soldier was out of control, looking like a 'bat flapping its wings'.

Army investigating Red Devils parachute incident

The Army has confirmed it is investigating an incident in which a member of the free-fall display team Red Devils had to rescue a colleague after his parachute failed to open.

Army investigating Red Devils parachute incident. Credit: PA

An Army spokesman said: "We can confirm that there was an incident during the Whitehaven Air Show, when a member of the Red Devils display team's parachute failed to open correctly.

"A team mate assisted in his safe landing, both men were unharmed, and we are now investigating to find out the cause of the incident."

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