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Funding appeal: Cumbria to Calais

Cumbrian volunteers head to Calais Credit: ITV Border

A group of volunteers in Carlisle are appealing for help to pay for fuel so they can drive donations for Syrian refugees from Cumbria to Calais.

Calais Action Carlisle were overwhelmed with donations of food and clothing after setting up the charity in response to seeing the migrant crisis unfold on their TV screens.

Volunteers sort through food donations Credit: ITV Border

By the time we get to Calais it will be winter time. Many who have made the journey across sea and land are ill prepared for a northern European winter.

People are arriving in flip-flops with the clothes they stand up in being the only items they possess.

Cumbrians can make a difference to people's chances of survival by donating warm coats, waterproofs and walking boots."

– Fiona Goldie, local volunteer

They received so many donations they had to ask people to stop bringing aid and appealed for volunteers to help sort it.

A date has now been set for the convoy: they'll head south on 28 November ready to give out warm clothing and packages of food to support a family of four for 2 days as cold weather kicks in.

So much been donated that the charity is appealing for more volunteers to come forward and help sort them. Credit: ITV Border

We're really grateful for the support of organisations like Carlisle One World Centre and the response from the community has been amazing.

Every single penny raised goes directly to fund our group's work delivering aid to Calais and beyond."

– James Cartwright, local volunteer

We are hoping to raise £4000 to cover the costs of getting all the donations to Calais and beyond.

Aid will be delivered to several different places long term, as help is really needed in places like Greece and Turkey too."

– Sky Higgins, local volunteer
Volunteers are asking for more warm clothing and sleeping bags to prepare refugees for European winter weather Credit: ITV Border
The amount they hope to raise to cover the costs of the journey to Calais
Clothes, sleeping bags and camping equipment, just some of the items donated to Syrian refugees. Credit: ITV Border

As well as needing to raise funds to cover fuel costs of the journey, the volunteer group has just 8 weeks to find vehicles and insurance in order to transport the donated goods across to Calais

If you would like to find out more or to make a donation, click here.


Cumbrian volunteers set date for refugee aid delivery

The refugee camps at Calais now contain a large number of people Credit: ITV Border

A group of Cumbrian volunteers have set a date for delivering aid to refugees in France.

Calais Action Carlisle will head across the Channel on the 28th of November to take food, clothes and supplies donated by members of the public and businesses across Cumbria.

Funeral for Galashiels man killed in Spain balcony fall

Malky Weir pictured with wife Lizzy Credit: GoFundMe

The funeral of a Galashiels man who died falling from a balcony at a Spanish hotel takes place today.

Malky Weir had been celebrating his 50th birthday in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, on Thursday, September 10 when the tragedy happened.

It is understood the painter and decorator lost his footing as he tried to get into the hotel room after being locked out.

After his wife Liz revealed they might not be covered by their insurance policy, the community of his home town of Galashiels, rallied round and raised £6,000 to fly home his body.

The burial will take place at Heatheryett Cemetery in Galashiels at 10.45a.m.


African Elder visits Dumfriesshire village

A Massai elder has flown from his home in Africa to the small village of Penpont in Dumfriesshire to celebrate the life of the village's most famous son.

Joseph Thomson was an explorer who followed in the footsteps of the missionary Dr Livingstone, opening up new routes in Africa during six visits.

I think i'm making history as well by being the first Maasai elder ever to visit his birthplace and behind me, his memorial and for successfully organising a walk through Maasailand in his footsteps in present day Maasailand.

– Ezekiel Katato, Maasai Elder.
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