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Border region raising funds for Africa crisis

Credit: ITV News

Hundreds of people across Cumbria and the south of Scotland have started collecting money to help millions of starving people in East Africa.

The Disasters Emergency Committee launched the East Africa Crisis Appeal in response to a growing humanitarian crisis in the region.

16 million people are at risk following a prolonged period of draught and local armed conflicts.

Cathedral celebrates migrant contribution to UK

Carlisle Cathedral. Credit: ITV Border

Carlisle Cathedral has hosted an event to celebrate the contribution of migrants to UK.

The Cathedral is one of a number of venues across the country to sign up to the 'One Day Without Us' national day of action.

People were invited to tie multi-coloured ribbons to the main gates.

Organisers were keen to point out the positive role migrants play in all walks of life.

26 percent of NHS doctors are technically migrants.

So this day is all about saying if all the migrants were actually to say we've had enough and are going back, as some people want us to do, the whole health service would collapse.

– The Rev Canon Michael Manley, Carlisle Cathedral


Man charged in connection with Workington murder


A man has been charged in connection with the death of 29-year-old Daniel McMullen in Workington.

Calvin Patrickson, 22, from Workington, will appear at Workington Magistrates Court on Monday 9th January.

Police were called at 7.33am on Saturday 7th January to reports of a man injured at a property on Beech Court.

Mr McMullen was pronounced dead shortly after by paramedics.

Family of imprisoned Wigton man spend fourth Christmas apart


The family of a man from Cumbria who was arrested and detained in India are facing a fourth Christmas without him.

John Armstrong, from Wigton, is one of six former British soldiers arrested on a ship in Indian waters in 2013. All were accused of weapons offences.

John's sister, Joanne Thomlinson, says it never gets any easier.

"We're going to try our best to celebrate but there's a huge space where John should be. They're not allowed to make any phone calls from the prison so it's only letter's we're receiving. Communication is really poor. We'll not hear anything more until January though because the courts have closed now."

– Joanne Thomlinson

Below is a timeline of events after their arrests in 2013.

  • Initially they were detained without trial.
  • All the charges were dropped in 2014, but the prosecution appealed
  • A court sentenced all six to five years in prison at the start of this year
  • The men have always maintained that they are innocent.

John's sister says the support the men receive keeps their spirits up.

"All of the support has been incredible. Not just for myself and the family but for all of the men. It can be such a lonely experience for them so every letter, Christmas message etc is all appreciated."

– Joanne Thomlinson

Joanne popped into the ITV Border office to have a picture taken with our Correspondent Tim Backshall. She said John was a big fan of Lookaround and he would enjoy seeing the photo in the new year.


WATCH: Attracting Americans to the Scottish Borders

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A new video showcasing the best of the Scottish Borders has been created by Visit Scotland.

It's part of a three-year campaign to market the Borders Railway internationally, and put the new 100-mile track on the map.

This video is specifically geared towards attracting more visitors from the United States.

At Visit Scotland we've identified the US market as our biggest single market. We're doing the video to attract people to show them the stunning scenery that's available in the Borders and some of the attractions across the region."

– Doug Wilson, Regional Director Visit Scotland
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