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Ryan Gosling reply was the 'perfect ending'

Ryan McHenry's friends have said that Ryan Gosling posting a reply to his Vine is the 'perfect ending'.

The 27-year-old from Dumfries created a video of the Hollywood superstar supposedly refusing to eat cereal. The Vine went viral and was often used as a light-hearted joke in interviews with Mr Gosling.

The actor posted a condolence message on Twitter to Ryan's family, followed by a video of him finally eating some cereal.


"He was the best kind of guy you could meet"

Ryan (L) having a laugh with his friends Credit: McHenry family

Friends of a Dumfries filmmaker who shot to fame with a video created for Ryan Gosling have been paying their tributes.

Ryan McHenry, 27, died from a rare form of cancer on Saturday evening, after a two year battle against the disease.

His popular 'Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal' vine attracted millions of hits and gained him more than 250,000 followers.

"He was the best kind of guy you could meet really. He was also the most generous man i've ever met aswell. He was always on hand if you needed advice or just a hand with anything , he was a fantastic guy.

– Ryan Clachrie, friend of Ryan McHenry

"He was one of the most sincere guys you could meet and a kind soul. He was also incredibly mischievous and loved yanking people's chains. An all-round great guy."

– Leo Robb, friend of Ryan McHenry

'City' girls unprepared for work in the countryside

Thousands of the Land Girls who helped in the war effort were already well accustomed to life in the countryside.

However, there were thousands more who were drafted in from the big cities who'd never stepped foot in a field before, or even seen a cow.

For these girls, the transition from city to country life proved more difficult.

Cumbrian veteran remembers death camp horrors

Major Joss Mark Credit: ITV News Border

On the eve of VE Day, a Cumbrian veteran has been recalling his memories from 70 years ago, and the friends he lost fighting the Nazis.

Major Joss Mark was liberating Belsen when the German surrender was announced.

It was during this time that he met his future wife Erica who was a survivor of the Nazi death camp.

Erica and Joss as a young couple Credit: British Pathe

The couple were married for almost 70 years, before Erica's death a few months ago.

Joss shares his memories of when they first met, in the most horrendous circumstances:


Land girls remembered on eve of VE Day

Land girls working in the countryside Credit: British Pathe

Land girls played a huge role in the Second World War by providing extra agricultural labour and support to the Land Army.

A total of 80,000 women took on roles like driving tractors, ploughing and miking cows.

Very little training was given to the Land Girls who worked long and exhausting hours.

"It wasn't like the training they give you nowadays with this, that and another. They quickly showed you how to milk then told you to get on with it. Hay time and harvest were long days. We were working until it was dark."

– Cybil Metcalf, who came from Bradford to work the land in the Lake District.

Cumbrian mountaineer will return to Nepal

Credit: ITV Border

A Cumbrian mountaineer who was caught in an avalanche on Mount Everest during the earthquake twelve days ago says he intends to go back next year.

Tim Mosedale was welcomed home from Nepal by his children in Keswick yesterday.

He escaped from the mountain uninjured but three of his team died in disaster.

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