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Sherlock world record attempt: It's elementary!

A world record attempt for the most people dressed as Sherlock Holmes takes place today at Temple Newsam in Leeds. The Sherlock festival gets underway at 12.30 with the world record attempt at 2.30 sharp.

Now where's Watson?
Now where's Watson? Credit: PA

Sherlock Holmes, one of the most popular consulting detectives of all time, is on the case to help raise money for one of Europe's largest teaching hospitals - the Leeds Teaching Hospitals - to raise funds for a new Yorkshire Brain Research Centre.

The Guinness World Records attempt promises to be the biggest Sherlock party ever. Entry fee is £15 and every participant will receive a Deerstalker hat, pipe and magnifying glass on the day of the event.

The minimum number of people required to set a new Guinness World Records title is 250 participants.

Dr Kate takes to the skies for Yorkshire Cancer Centre

Kate Granger is taking to the skies today - as the terminally ill doctor continues her incredible fund-raising campaign for the Yorkshire Cancer Centre.

Dr Granger is facing her fear of heights and doing a sky dive at Bridlington to raise money for the centre. The dive was rescheduled from earlier this month due to strong winds.

Dr Kate Granger
Dr Kate Granger Credit: Calendar news

In the three years since she was diagnosed, Kate and her husband, Chris have already raised more than £124,000 - a big proportion of the funds coming from the sales of her books "The Other Side "and "The Bright Side" in which she campaigns for terminally ill patients to be treated with more compassion. On the back of this she also launched her "My Name IS" campaign.

I am petrified of heights so this is a massive personal challenge for me, but one that I am hugely excited about. The skydive itself has been extremely kindly donated by Sara at GB Skydive in Bridlington so we can maximise the funds we raise for the YCC. Chris and my family will be cheering me on from the comfort of the ground.

– Dr Kate Granger


Syrian community hold vigil in Bradford

A vigil has been held in Bradford to mark the anniversary of one of the deadliest chemical weapons attacks in almost three decades.

Syrian refugees and members of the Syrian Association in Yorkshire gathered in the city this afternoon to remember the victims of the atrocity in Ghouta- when rockets containing the chemical Sarin - were fired. It is thought it claimed the lives of up to seventeen hundred people, many of them civilians.

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