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Woman punched and robbed in park

Police have released an image of a woman who was robbed and injured in a park in Northallerton

The victim, a 39-year-old local woman, suffered a black eye Credit: Police photo

The victim, a 39-year-old local woman, suffered a black eye when she was punched in Bullamoor Park at around 9.15pm on Sunday 19 October.

Anyone with information should contact police and quote 12140180847 when passing information about this incident.

This was a violent, unprovoked attack on a lone woman which has left her very shaken as well as suffering from visible injuries to her face.

Fortunately, incidents like this do not happen very often in Northallerton and I am appealing to the local community to help us find out who is responsible.

– Detective Inspector Shaun Page, Northallerton CID

Controversial plans approved for Scunthorpe development

Controversial plans to develop land on the outskirts of Scunthorpe have been given the go ahead.

The proposals for up to 3,000 new homes as well as village and leisure facilities are expected to create around 4,000 new jobs.

The proposals for up to 3,000 new homes as well as village and leisure facilities are expected to create around 4,000 new jobs.

Flood defences at Burringham and Gunness will be improved as part of the scheme.

The approval also makes allowance for Scunthorpe United to submit plans for their new stadium in the area.

Lucent’s proposed development, to the west of Scotter Road, will include a new primary school to meet the needs of families in the area; a youth centre; a community centre; an integrated health centre; and commercial space.

Artist's impression of the new village space

We are delighted to have been granted planning permission for the Lincolnshire Lakes project. We have worked with an exceptional team of consultants to bring the project to this stage and are grateful for North Lincolnshire Council’s input and guidance into what is a landmark development for the region. We can now look to moving forward with the development to create new communities of which everybody can be proud.

Two villages are at the heart of this project; their character and identity will evolve gradually over time to give residents a fantastic place to live, work and play. We believe the proposals will set a new benchmark in design quality for the area and provide villages that create a strong sense of community life while boosting the prosperity of the area through infrastructure improvements and job creation.

– Charles Flynn, Lucent CEO


Bradford university graduate wins video competition

A University of Bradford graduate is going to Japan after winning an international video making competition.

Jessica Waite’s three-minute animation was one of three winners of a joint worldwide student competition to make a video about sustainable development awareness organised by UNESCO and Hong Kong film company Salon Films.

Jessica, now a project assistant with Cycling4All – a project based at the University’s Students’ Union – made the video while still a student and an intern at the project. Encouraged by colleagues, she submitted it for the competition and then forgot about it.

A call came up on my phone that was a Hong Kong area number and when I listened to the voicemail I couldn’t believe it. It was an invitation to come to Japan to receive my prize. I’d completely forgotten about entering but to win is just amazing

– Jessica Waite

Shell-shocked tortoise gets a DIY repair

A tortoise from Brigg that was attacked by his owner’s dog is coming out of his shell again after Ashcroft Vets resorted to some highly unusual treatment – they patched him up with a glass fibre body repair kit from a DIY shop.

Tommy the tortoise is making a slow recovery Credit: Ashcroft Vets

Tommy the tortoise’s shell was punctured in several places when Dominic Avison’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy, Buster, decided to chew it.

I got distracted by someone knocking on the door and when I came back, Buster had brought the tortoise in from the garden and was chewing his shell. I thought he’d be OK but a week later I noticed that one of the holes had got bigger and had become infected soI took him to the vets.

– Dominic Avison, Tommy's owner

I’d come across a similar case 10 years ago so I knew what treatment would be best. We got a glass fibre kit from Halfords with a two part resin and glass fibre matting. We anaesthetised the tortoise, attached the glass fibre to his shell and used a dental drill to shape it.

It was important that we didn’t put the resin on too thick because it gets hot during the curing process and if we had used too much it would have burnt the tortoise. We kept him at the surgery for a few days to make sure that he was eating again and then he was OK to go home.

Quite appropriately, Tommy is now making a very, very slow recovery – after two or three years his shell will have regenerated and the resin will then wear off,so he will then look like any other tortoise. Meanwhile he’s got his very own go faster stripe.

– Iain Etridge, Tommy's vet


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Hillsborough officer "sorry" for mistaken evidence

Roger Marshall departing the inquests at an earlier hearing. Credit: ITV News

A former senior police officer has corrected evidence he gave to the Hillsborough inquests.

Roger Marshall, who was responsible for controlling the arrival of Liverpool fans at the Sheffield Wednesday ground in 1989, had spoken about a rugby league match he had said he policed at Hillsborough later that year.

However, the jury today heard a "correction statement" from Mr Marshall to say that he did not police the game and that it was not played at the Sheffield Wednesday ground.

Mr Marshall said: "I offer my unreserved apology for misleading the court. I am embarrassed and distressed that I made this mistake."

The inquests have now been adjourned for October half-term and will resume on Monday 3rd November.

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