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Acting South Yorkshire Police chief offers to step aside after 'negative publicity'

Dawn Copley has been South Yorkshire's deputy since September last year Credit: South Yorkshire Police

Deputy Chief Constable Dawn Copley, who was appointed acting chief constable of South Yorkshire Police after the suspension of David Crompton following the Hillsborough inquest findings, has "offered to step back to her substantive role" while another temporary chief constable is sought, South Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner said.

It comes after news of Ms Copley being investigated over her conduct with Greater Manchester Police came to light. She was one of several officers accused of "corrupt practice" by another officer who was later sacked.

Kent Police investigated the claim but the findings are yet to be made public.

“Yesterday, I asked Deputy Chief Constable Dawn Copley to temporarily act as Chief Constable following the suspension of David Crompton.

“There has been media comment today about Mrs Copley. I would like to make clear that Mrs Copley fully declared the details of allegations into her conduct when she applied for the post of Deputy Chief Constable here at South Yorkshire Police.

“As this matter has not yet been concluded I am unable to comment publicly on the allegations and the outcome but as soon as I am able, I will do so. In the meantime Mrs Copley has my full support. However, Mrs Copley has made clear to me that she does not want any further negative publicity or criticism to be levelled at the Force. In the interests of the Force and the workforce she has therefore offered to step back to her substantive role to allow me to seek support from the College of Policing in identifying another Chief Officer from outside the Force to act as Temporary Chief Constable until a recruitment process can take place.

“Mrs Copley will need to stay in post for a very short period of time, to deal with pressing matters, but, at her request, this will be for the shortest possible period. “Events have moved very quickly over the last few days. I am sorry that I cannot say anything more definite at this time but we have been working closely with national bodies about these issues and hope to make a further announcement in the coming days.”

– Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Lincolnshire nursery in regular contact with Ofsted

A Lincolnshire nursery which criticised in an Ofsted report for failing to teach children about ethnic diversity - before the report was later withdrawn says it is in regular contact with the watchdog.

The owner of Town and Country Kiddies Nurseries has issued the following statement:

I am in regular liaison with the Regional Director of Ofsted regarding the inspection matter and as soon as we have further updates for you, we will of course share these in the public domain. We feel it is important to confirm that the inspection was not carried out by Ofsted themselves as a regulatory body, but was completed by a contracted out service, as is the current arrangement for Early Years inspections in this area. I should also state at this point that I am very happy with the dialogue that has taken place between ourselves and the Regional Director from Ofsted. In the meantime, Town and Country Kiddies continues to ensure that our priority focus is the delivery of high quality care and education to the children and families that we serve across all sites.

We would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank our customers and staff teams for their exceptionally positive support and appreciation for the service we provide and whilst we are naturally a little overwhelmed by the media and social media interest, we look forward to the conclusion of this matter as soon as possible and for us it is simply business as usual in the meantime.

Until such time as a conclusion is reached between ourselves and Ofsted, there will be no further comment.

– Louise Davies, Owner, Town and Country Kiddies Nurseries


Appeal over nightclub assault which broke man's leg

Appeal for witnesses

Police in York are appealing for witnesses to a nightclub assault which left a man with his leg broken in two places.

It happened in the Kuda club in the early hours of April 7th when the victim, a 26-year-old man, was dancing when it's believed he was struck. He has since had to undergo surgery to pin his leg back together.

Police are appealing to anyone who may have witnessed the incident or anyone who has any information which could assist the investigation to contact them.

Puff the fat cat rules the roost

Ruling the roost: Puff the fat cat

A cat from Sheffield, who is so fat she can’t fit in her cat carrier, has reached the finals of the UK’s largest pet slimming competition.

The mega moggy, hoping to lead the way for millions of overweight pets across Britain, has been selected to compete against 12 other fat pets – including dogs, cats and even a rabbit.

Tipping the scales at 1st 3lb (7.5kg), Puff has eaten her way to becoming 50 per cent overweight (11lb).

The oversized white and cream kitty, who will pinch fish food from the tank if given the chance, was adopted by owner Marie Clair just over a year ago. When Marie collected her she was amazed by her sheer bulk.

Puff is the biggest cat I’ve ever seen. It was obvious her previous owners had overfed her and overdone the treats. She was even too big for the cat carrier so we had to use a dog cage to bring her home. She wasn’t very social, and in her first few months with us needed lots of coaxing, but she’s settled in now. I know she was quite stressed while living with her previous owner, which may have led to her over-eating or not getting enough exercise. She rules the roost here and, because she’s so big, she bosses my dogs and other cat around. She knows her own mind and does whatever she needs to get her way!

– Owner Marie Clair

For the last 12 months Marie has kept Puff on a strict diet with the help of the PDSA Pet Fit Club, which has helped her shed around 5lb. But she still has a long way to go to reach her ideal weight of 11lb (5kg).

Ed Balls bakes a cake to celebrate Ed Balls Day

The former shadow chancellor, Ed Balls, has baked a cake to mark Ed Balls Day.

Credit: Yvette Cooper

A picture of the cake was tweeted by his wife Yvette Cooper MP, who represents Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford.

Ed Balls Day, celebrated on social media on 28 April every year, refers to the time back in 2011 when the then MP for Morley and Outwood tweeted his own name in error instead of doing a search on Twitter.

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