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Pre-budget concerns

Local businesses share their concerns Photo: Calendar News

Ahead of the Chancellor's announcement tomorrow local businesses have shared their concerns and hopes for the budget.

Oliver Hudson Estate Agent Credit: Calendar News

Oliver Hudson is a managing director at an estate agent in Hessle. He wants:

  • the stamp duty holiday for first time buyers to be extended on Wednesday to encourage movement in the housing market.
  • lending to be speeded up once people have been assessed for a loan. He says delays can put people off buying altogether
Rainer Barnes Bar Worker Credit: Calendar News

Rainer Barnes would like to see:

  • beer duty frozen and tax cuts so people have more money to spend
  • loans for small businesses to help them develop and grow, which would ultimately result in more jobs and taxes.
David Hilton, Haulier Credit: Calendar News

David Hilton wants more confidence in the UK economy, which would hopefully lead to more employment. He wants to see:

  • a reduction in fuel costs; a 1p rise in the cost of fuel makes £1000 per week difference to his outgoings.
  • improved infrastructure