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19st weight loss ambition

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The determination to join a lifeboat crew was the inspiration that helped a former Bridlington trawlerman lose a massive 19 stone.

Andy Lyne saw his weight peak at 33stone which was not only was this bad for his health – it also meant that he was too heavy to join the RNLI crew.

Having been a fisherman for many of the years since he left school, Andy had first-hand experience of being assisted by the lifeboats, and wanted to use his skills and knowledge of the sea to help save lives

.Andy, 31, said: “I went straight from school to be a fisherman, and when I was at sea we had to be helped a few times, during bad weather or due to mechanical problems.

“The sea can be very dangerous and now I want to help other people.”

In order to lose the weight, Andy had a gastric band fitted, and over the last two years has got back down to a healthy 14 stone, and has now been able to join the Flamborough inshore lifeboat crew.