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Below average rainfall causes Yorkshire drought

Drought map Photo: Environment Agency

The drought affected areas are around the Don, Rother, Hull and Derwent rivers, following several months of below average rainfall.

Around the Hull and Derwent, figures show it is the second driest 12 months on record since 1910.

Yorkshire Water have severely reduced supplies

In the east of the region levels are 20% lower than would normally be expected for this time of year

– Matt Thompson, Yorkshire Water

At present, there shouldn't be an impact on drinking supplies, but there are concerns for the environment. Ben Hughes from the Environment Agency says there are three key ways that water can be conserved.

  • Use water from the water butt rather than the hosepipe
  • Shower rather than take a bath
  • Large factories can reduce the amount they take from common water supplies

The only solution to the drought is rain. In the meantime, we need to reduce the amount of water we use.

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