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Apprenticeships in Kirklees

Julie Turner Photo: Kirklees Council

Apprenticeships are being created in Kirklees. It is part of a council scheme offering twenty two positions, where trainees will work and be trained in gardening, construction, catering and school administration.

This apprenticeship has helped me start a new career from scratch, I feel I’ve come along way in the short time I’ve been doing it, and I now know I want to spend the rest of my working years in catering of one form or another.It’s a great way to get into the industry for people of any age, whether new to working life, or starting again like me. It’s an opportunity to learn the job with support, there’s always someone there to ask for help and by attending college at the same time I get the chance to learn the theory side of catering, and obtain a qualification.’

– Julie Turner, catering apprentice