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Remembering Caroline

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Family and friends of Caroline Stuttle, the York student who was murdered while backpacking in Australia ten years ago, are holding a service at York Minster to mark the anniversary of her death. Caroline was 19 when she was robbed and pushed from a bridge at Bundaberg, Queensland, in 2002. Following Caroline's murder, her mother, Marjorie Marks, set up a charity in her daughter's name. Caroline's Rainbow Foundation advises young people on safety awareness when they are travelling.

Caroline was a very special person and during her 19 years she lived an outstanding life, fulfilling many personal goals and dazzling all around her with her wonderful personal qualities. Caroline was kind, confident and intuitive. She will always be remembered for her warmth, intelligence and compassion. She was the quintessential young woman; popular, sociable and animated, and fitted so many things into her life with such energy and enthusiasm. This is why ten years after her passing, we feel a service to remember her life is fitting and something Caroline would have been happy with."

– Caroline's Rainbow Foundation

Caroline's Rainbow Foundation is a UK registered charity working to raise awareness of the importance of safe travel to young people, whether they are going abroad for independent travel, gap year placements, organised trips or simply making plans to visit a different country. The charity aims to provide information about safety abroad and encourage young people to recognise and prioritise life's values wherever they may be in the world.

The charity has produced a DVD aimed at young people planning to travel during their gap year and is set to launch a free app for smartphones which will offer specific information for destinations, safety tips, maps and useful phone numbers for travellers. You can find out more here.

The celebration of Caroline Stuttle's life is being held at York Minster today, beginning with choral evensong at 5.15pm. Caroline's brother Richard will speak at the service, and prayers will be led by the Dean of York.