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Brave officers award

Sergeant Oliver and PC Fenton Photo: Nottinghamshire Police

Two Nottinghamshire police officers are going to be awarded for their bravery. It is after Sergeant James Oliver and PC Dean Fenton clocked off their night shift and spotted three men in Mansfield trying to start a car with screwdrivers. When they pulled over the men ran off, but they continued to search for them. Sergeant Oliver found some stolen items on a driveway when he was attacked by three men, who had tools with them. He managed to fight them off while they attacked him and even managed to arrest one of them. PC Fenton also arrested one of the men after he tried to hide in the bushes. Sergeant Oliver injured his hand, elbows, stomach and head. Both officers returned to the police station to give a full report before getting treatment.

This dedication to duty and their bravery epitomises everything we want to see in our officers. They went above and beyond the call of duty, in a dangerous and unpredictable situation, without any protective equipment, and their determination saw two men arrested and put before the court for their crimes.

– Chief Superintendent Simon Nickless, Nottinghamshire police