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Ched Evans trial

A friend of an alleged rape victim has told a jury in the trial of Sheffield United player, Ched Evans, how she arrived on her doorstep "in distress".

She told Caernarfon Crown Court: "The woman was hysterical - constantly crying - she couldn't breathe, she wouldn't stop crying."

Forensic scientist Pauline Lax also told the court that although the alleged victim's bloodstream did not show signs of having had her drink spiked, it did not rule out her having a small amount during the night out.

A hotel receptionist told the court that Clayton McDonald and the woman arrived before Evans.

He described how he heard the noise of a couple having sex. 15 minutes later McDonald left, telling the receptionist: "Do you know that girl I was with? Keep an eye on her....she's sick".Yesterday, the the footballers' lawyers started cross examining the 20-year-old woman via videolink.

The court heard how she had drunk two-thirds of a bottle of wine, as well as other alcohol and couldn't remember getting into a taxi with McDonald.

Sheffield United striker Ched Evans, and Port Vale defender Clayton McDonald, both deny raping the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons. The trial continues.