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Ched Evans trial summing up

The jury at the trial of two footballers, including one from Sheffield United, accused of rape has been told to ignore the behaviour of other high profile players.

Sheffield United striker Ched Evans and former Chesterfield player Clayton McDonald deny raping a drunken 19 year old woman in North Wales last year.

At the start of his summing up at Caernarfon Crown Court, Judge Merfyn Hughes QC said there is no stereotype for alleged rapist and victim.

You need to reach a conclusion on what was the complainant's state of intoxication. Was she just dishibited or had what she'd taken removed her capacity to exercise a choice?

– Judge Merfyn Hughes

The prosecution have said that the alleged victim was very drunk and "barely conscious" at the time. In his closing speech for Mr Evans David Fish QC said false allegations were made:

What we say is the falsity here is the alleged lack of memory

– David Fish QC

He carried on to say she went willingly to the hotel room and had not drunk so much she was unable to consent to sex. The judge has indicated the jury are likely to retire to discuss their verdicts tomorrow.

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