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Inquest into toddler's death

A coroner has strongly criticised Rotherham's NHS Walk-In centre and the town's General Hospital over "missed opportunities" which could have saved the life of a one year-old boy.

Lewis Mullins died in April last year from pneumonia brought on by chicken pox. He was treated just for chicken pox and medical staff failed to diagnose an underlying bacterial infection.

Coroner Nicola Mundy recorded a narrative verdict and says she's considering writing to the Department of Health highlighting Lewis's case to try and prevent a similar tragedy.

Lewis, who had just turned one, was examined by a GP at an NHS Walk-In centre and then twice by hospital doctors within the space of three days.

His parents repeatedly told doctors their son was sick but they were only given an anti-viral drug and painkillers to treat the baby and he collapsed at home the next day.

An expert in child protection who reviewed the case said if the 12-month-old had been given antibiotics on the three occasions he was sent home he would probably have survived.

Ms Mundy also said the doctors concentrated too much on the chicken pox without looking for a secondary bacterial infection.