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HMS Sheffield memorial

Treating the wounded from HMS Sheffield Photo:
Twenty men died on HMS Sheffield

It is 30 years since the attack on HMS Sheffield during the Falklands War. Twenty men died when the ship was hit by a missile on May 4th, 1982. It was a conflict which saw 28,000 airmen, sailors and soldier sent to fight a war on the other side of the world. Weeks later, on June 14th, Argentina surrendered. The Union Jack was once again flying over the Falkland Islands, but at a cost. Two hundred and fifty five British lives were lost.

The Royal Naval Association has organised a wreath laying service at Sheffield Cathedral in memory of those who died on HMS Sheffield - where the ship's brass bell will toll 20 times, once for each crew member who died.

We were in this line of ships. We were the front ship and they all started playing Don't Cry For Me Argentina as they all peeled off one by one and that was it. We just carried straight on and you realised then it was serious and we weren't going home. "

"Where the missile hit, it hit right in the middle of the ship and it created a massive hole in the side. I remember being woken up by chaos. It was dark, there was smoke starting to appear."

– Steve Smythson served on HMS Sheffield