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Olympic torch arrives in UK

Olympic torch ceremony in Greece Photo:

It's come all the way from Greece where it was lit by rays of the sun on Mount Olympus. But today the Olympic flame will arrive in a rather soggy UK to start its journey around the country. It begins its tour in Land's End tonight after landing at 7.30pm.

It will come on a special gold coloured plane called Firefly and will touch down at RNAS Culdrose. On board will be Princess Anne, David Beckham and Lord Coe.

And from our region getting ready to carry the torch when it arrives in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are:

JOSEPHINE LOUGHRAN - running through York

Ten Years ago Josephine used to run every day but chose to forgo this pleasure to donate one of the lobes of her lungs to her sister Sheila. Sheila had cystic fibrosis and was urgently in need of a lung transplant. The transplant worked but Sheila died a liitle later. As part of the process Josephine agreed for the personal story around the procedure to be filmed and made into a documentary which raised awareness of the disease and the need for more people to carry organ donor cards.

SCOTT STOCKDALE - running through York

Harrogate schoolboy Scott Stockdale devotes much of his spare time to volunteering in the community, and has helped promote disability sport in the region. Through his work in developing a sports club, disabled people in Harrogate now have access to competitive events. Scott also coaches primary school children and has spent much of the past year visiting schools.

JAMES UNWIN - running through Sheffield

James Unwin is severely dyslexic and comes from a deprived area of Sheffield. He has focused his passion for cycling by coaching in the community. He became a fully qualified coach aged 16 and has encouraged dyslexic children to follow his footsteps.

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