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Turbines in "wrong place" taken down

Two wind turbines which cost £101,000 to buy and install are being moved after a council admitted they were put in the wrong place.

The six-kilowatt turbines were put on top of Huddersfield's Civic Centre to raise awareness of renewable energy, and to raise money for Kirklees Council by selling the energy back to the grid.

But the council said they were to be taken down after "poor performance". The turbines generate about £2,000 a year but cost about £6,000 a year to maintain and repair.

In a statement the council said the turbines were "inappropriately sited" and would be decommissioned.

Kingspan Wind, which has taken over the company that made the turbines, has offered to pay for two new turbines at a more suitable location.

"The wind turbines have served their useful purpose as they were erected in a central location to raise awareness of renewable energy in the district.

"We remain committed to cutting carbon and energy costs and will continue to invest in saving energy through measures such as upgrading street lights, making buildings more energy efficient by using double glazing, insulation and heating controls."

– Mehboob Khan, council leader