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Brain tumour funding

Campaigners are lobbying Parliament Photo: Calendar

People from across the region are heading to London as part of their campaign for more funding into brain tumour research.

Meetings have been set up between sufferers and their MPs using the green card system in the lobby and it follows a similar meeting last year, in which about 200 patients and their carers attended.

They are aiming to highlight that brain tumours kill more young people than any other cancer, more people under the age of 40 die from brain tumours than any other cancer and two fifths of cancers which begin outside the brain end up with a metastasis in the brain.

Every year in the UK 8,600 brain tumours are registered, but many go unrecorded. Researchers believe the true figure is closer to 16,000 and that 32,000 develop secondary brain tumours on an annual basis.

Campaigners are urging MPs to sign a pledge to highlight brain tumours as well as an Early Day Motion to draw attention to the statistics. They say pressure needs to be put on the Government to deliver earlier and more accurate diagnosis and increase the amount that is spent on research to reflect the number of people affected by brain tumours.