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Police shame uninsured drivers

South Yorkshire Police are putting uninsured vehicles on display in Sheffield Photo: South Yorkshire Police

Uninsured vehicles in South Yorkshire are being put on display in Sheffield to shame the drivers who've failed to get cover.

Uninsured drivers kill 160 people and injure 23,000 every year according to the Motor Insurers' Bureau. They also add around £30 a year to every honest motorist's insurance premium, amounting to more than £500m a year in costs to the UK.

MIB research suggests that 1 in 10 young drivers don't know they need insurance, despite the fact that it is a legal requirement.

Once an uninsured vehicle has been seized by South Yorkshire Police the owner has to produce a valid insurance certificate within seven days. They then have a maximum of 14 working days to claim their vehicle before it is crushed.

Drivers without insurance face prosecution, which will result at the very least in fines and points on their licence making it more difficult to obtain insurance in the future.

"Uninsured vehicles are a real danger on our roads, as a force we are seizing uninsured vehicles every day in order to make our roads safer for everyone. Since January this year we have recovered 780 uninsured vehicles, 200 of these have subsequently been crushed because the owner could not provide valid insurance documentation”.

– PC Bruce Yacomeni, South Yorkshire Police