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Children spend over 50 days a year playing videogames

Yorkshire children spend 54 days a year playing videogames Photo: Press Association

Children in Yorkshire spend almost five days every month playing videogames and watching TV.



A report has found children spend an average of 4.5 days a month play Xbox, Nintendo and Playstation or watching television instead of playing outside - that is the equivalent of 54 days a year in front of a screen.

*Researchers also found children in the region spend just 2.8 hours per week outoors, ten times less than they spend in front of the TV. *

In fact, only 11% of families admit to taking part in family outdoor activities together such like ball games or bike rides, once a year. And 25% of the nation partake in outdoor family fun no more than once a month.

Kim Wilde is taking part in a campaign to encourage us to spend more time outside.

It is sad to see that so many children in this generation are virtual strangers to playing outside.**

They spend hour after hour playing videogames or watching TV or at the expense of getting outdoors and playing with friends or family in the fresh air.

Just 20 years ago it was routine for children to come home from school, ditch their stuff and rush straight outdoors to play with friends in their garden or in the street. These days they are ten times more likely to be sitting in front of the TV or playing videogames. It's definitely time to do something positive to change this situation**

– Kim Wilde