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Infamous Hull tower block demolished

The tower block in Orchard Park, Hull comes crashing down. Photo: ITV Calendar

The skyline of Hull has changed forever after the first of five infamous tower blocks was demolished.

Bridgeman House at Orchard Park in the city was blown up in a controlled explosion.

Hall Road was closed between the junction of Orchard Park Road and Thorpepark Road in order for the demolition to be carried out. An exclusion zone was also set up to keep members of the public a safe distance from the collapsing building and the debris thrown up by the blast.

Graham Booth was one of the first people to move into the block in the 1970s. He was there to see the explosion.

"I haven't lived in it since 1979 so a lot of time has passed, but it's just a spectacle to see it come down. That's it. Wait for the next one!"

– Graham Booth, former resident

It's part of a £15 million redevelopment of the area which will see 115 new houses built and 100 flats refurbished.

The remaining four tower blocks will be knocked down by 2015.