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Homelessness rises in the region

Homelessness has risen by more than 25% in 3 years. Photo: Press Association

In the last three years the number of homeless people in our region has risen by more than a quarter.

Research revealed today by SSentif shows that the number of people classified as homeless has increased by 14% year-on-year and by 25% in the last three years, with some areas showing an increase of up to 600% in the last twelve months.

In Yorkshire and north Lincolnshire homelessness has increased by 26.29% in the last three years.

Sheffield has the second largest increase in homeless people in the country. The city reported 1,383 households as priority homeless in the latest figures, an increase of 437 people (46%) on 2009/10.

Leeds also features in the worst ten places, with 553 households classed as priority homeless, an increase of 270 people (63%) on 2009/10.

Whilst these figures are perhaps not surprising given the state of the economy, some of the results for specific councils are quite shocking. By analysing the data at council level

we were able to highlight some areas that are showing much greater increases than the national average. We were also able to cross reference the data with spending on homelessness which dropped in England from £213.7m to £199.8m between 2009/10 and 2010/11.

– Judy Aldred, managing director of SSentif