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World record attempt on corn eating

Corn eating contestant Photo: Press Association

The 8th annual UK Sweetcorn Eating Championships take place at York Maze today with a £1000 cash prize for anyone who can beat the current world record of 46 ears of corn in 12 minutes.

The current world record is held by Jammin' Joe LaRue, from Florida who consumed a record 46 ears of corn in 12 minutes.

The Americans have held the sweetcorn eating record for too long, I'd like to see a UK world champion take the corn crown and am offering a £1000 cash prize for anyone who can set a new world record.

– Tom Pearcy, York Maze owner

The UK Sweetcorn Eating championships are being held as part of York Maze's annual Sweetcorn Festival. As well as the giant Maze to explore, other activities include a corn food festival with all manner of edible corn products, a barbeque and live music. Children will also be able to enter the challenge to see who can eat a single corn on the cob in the fastest time, and there will be prizes in various age categories.**

Anyone who would like a shot and the world record and walk away with £1000 prize should head to York Maze on Saturday 4 August. Activities take place between 12pm and 4pm with the world record prize contest at 3.00pm.**