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Children risking their lives at beauty spot

Thornton Viaduct Photo: ITV Calendar / James Webster

A warning is going out to children in Bradford after one of the city's councillors said she had seen some as young as 12 risking their lives on a viaduct in the city. Cllr Valerie Binney who represents Thornton and Allerton says they have been spotted 'planking' on Thornton viaduct.

Planking is a craze where people lie flat in unusual places and get photographs of themselves which are uploaded to social media websites. It is claimed some children have been seen balancing on the walls of the viaduct which is 100 feet high.

Residents living near the Thornton Viaduct in Bradford say they fear for the safety of some of the children who play on top of the structure. They have seen them walking and even running along the walls which are more than 100 feet from the ground below.

See our full report below on the warning issued to children who are dicing with death: