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New hopes that David Simpson's nightmare will soon end

David Simpson is now under house arrest in Africa Photo:

The family of a pilot from North Yorkshire who's been held in Africa after he was accused of mass murder say they're cautiously hopeful that he could be allowed home within days. David Simpson was locked up in the Central African Republic without charge after he came across a massacre and reported it to the military - but was arrested himself.

David, who is 24, has has kept remarkably upbeat throughout his ordeal and says he thinks the whole affair has been a lot more difficult for hims family back home in Gillamoor, than it has on him. All of them are now hoping a third investigation which found no evidence against him will finally end his nightmare.

David was thrown into jail ten days after reporting that he and colleagues had found bodies in the African wilderness. apparently victims of a massacre. It's widely believed they'd been killed by notorious warlord Josef Kony but David found himself accused.

He is now under house arrest after a riot destroyed the prison he was held in. Here David describes that terrifying ordeal.