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BD8 and BD9 postcodes are listed as two of the worst areas nationally for uninsured drivers, according to new report

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Bradford has been named as one of the worst places in thecountry for uninsured drivers.

The BD8 and BD9 postcodes are listed as two ofthe worst areas nationally, including Barkerend and Thornbury. Research showsmotorists break the law because policies are too expensive.

Research undertaken among communities in West Yorkshirehighlights that a third of people still do not understand the current laws oncar insurance, so are risking fines of up to £5,000; points on their licenceand having their cars seized by police.

Finding cheap car insurance is becoming harder Credit: Calendar

Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) says they are working hard to reduce the level and impact of uninsured driving in the UK.

Keith Morris, Chairman of MIB says, “MIB continues to provide support to the insurance industry and sustains the initiative to reduce the uninsured driving across the country.”

Across the UK, there are currently an estimated 1.2 million uninsured drivers. This figure has reduced considerably since 2010, where the number of drivers breaking the insurance rules stood at 1.5 million.

MIB has identified Bordesley Green in Birmingham as the area with the worst record for uninsured driving in the UK at eight times the national average.