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Leeds soldier ordered out of UK because of speeding fine

Sapper Poloki Hiri served for the British Army for 4 years Photo: TTV Pictures

A soldier who lives in Leeds faces deportation and jail because of a speeding fine.

Sapper Poloki Hiri, 32, from Botswana, has served in the British Army for four years, but is now being denied citizenship in the UK because the UK Border Agency say a speeding offence he picked up in April 2011 is a sign of 'bad character'.

Poloki Hiri said: "For me, to have enlisted in the British Army, willing to put my life on the line for the the end of it all, because of a speeding fine, to be considered a criminal and not wanted here, it's really made me very angry."

If Sapper Hiri does end up being deported and sent back to Botswana, he faces arrest, prosecution and up to 25 years in jail.

Sapper Hiri could face jail back in Botswana Credit: TTV Pictures

Dr Hugh Milroy, CEO of Veterans Aid, says the UK Border Agency are treating people as if they are disposable.

"This man has paid his fine. He's been punished. He then applies to stay. He's been refused. You could read that as a second punishment. But the third punishment - which is even worse in his case - is that he's going back to Botswana and we believe there's something called the Foreign Enlistment Act and a friend of his from Botswana was arrested for having joined the British Army. So almost certainly, this man is going back to spend time in prison for a speeding offence."

Veterans Aid has dealt with 70 former Commonwealth soldiers who face being thrown out of Britain since January.