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Card skimming device found on Scarborough cash machine

A camera and card skimming device have been found on a cash machine at the Post Office on Aberdeen Walk in Scarborough.

The machine was powered down following the discovery.

Police are warning members of the public to be vigilant when using cash machines.

The device was discovered by a member of the public who tried to use the machine late on the evening of Sunday 26 August. It is unknown how long it had been in place.

Officers are appealing for anyone who has seen anyone suspicious loitering in the area of machine to contact them.

Anyone who believes they may be a victim of the skimming device should contact their bank.

The most important thing is to cover your hand while you are typing in your pin number, without your pin, thieves have limited opportunity to use the card.

Thieves use very sophisticated technology and the devices are often very difficult to spot. The devices will often be made to fit in with the colour and design of the machine they are attached to.

They consist of a card reader which is placed over the card slot which records your card’s details and a tiny pin-hole camera which records your pin number as you type it in. In some cases, a cover is placed over the keypad which can also record your pin number.

The camera is usually stored in a strip of metal or plastic which looks like trim and is often coloured to match the machine. The camera lens is almost invisible.

Please report any suspicions you have about a machine to the police and the premises in which the machine is based if they are open. Don’t, under any circumstances, try to remove the device yourself as the offenders may still be in the area.”

– PC John Coleman

Cash machine safety advice from North Yorkshire Police:

  • Protect your PIN by standing close to the machine and shielding the key pad with your other hand
  • Check to see if anything looks unusual or suspicious about the cash machine. If it appears to have anything stuck onto the card slot or key pad, do not use it. Cancel the transaction and walk away. Never try to remove suspicious devices, report them to the police and the bank immediately.
  • Be cautious if strangers offer to help you at a cash machine, even if your card is stuck or you're having difficulties. Don't allow anyone to distract you.
  • Where possible, use a cash machine which is in clear view and well lit.
  • Check that other people in the queue are a reasonable distance away from you.
  • Keep your PIN secret. Never reveal it to anyone, even someone who claims to be calling from your bank or a police office.
  • Avoid opening your purse, bag or wallet when you are in the queue. Put your money away immediately.
  • Regularly check your account balance and bank statements, and report any discrepancies to your bank immediately.