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Family of Ivy Robinson speak out about abuse at care home

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Today at Leeds Crown Court Emma Bryan and Katherine Wallis were sentenced for the ill treatment and wilful neglect of Mrs Ivy Robinson, an 89-year-lady with dementia, at Oakfoss House Residential Care Home in Pontefract.

Following the hearing, Simon and Angela Wood, the son-in-law and daughter of Mrs Robinson, issued the following statement through their solicitor:

Mum was a resident at Oakfoss House to be cared for and looked after; however due to the failings of Oakfoss House, over a five night period, mum was physically, verbally and medically neglected and abused by staff who should have provided this care.

It is difficult to describe the effect this abuse has had on mum, our family and our lives but to see what mum was subjected to sickened and horrified us, this will never leave our memories; moreover we feel as though we have let mum down.

The decision to install the CCTV came as a last resort and was a culmination of various incidents over a period of months that could not be explained by staff at Oakfoss. The final trigger was when mum became agitated and frightened when it came time for us to leave on an evening. She would cry and ask us not to leave. No one knows how long this abuse and neglect had been going on for but it is clear that it was systematic and common practice.

We hope that other families can learn from mum’s ordeal and be aware of certain signs, just because someone has dementia does not mean that they do not know what is going on – please listen to them and act.

A further three members of staff at Oakfoss were dismissed in January 2012 for similar acts after reinstating the CCTV camera, again identifying serious failings at Oakfoss House. Despite working with the home over the last months and giving them every opportunity to improve we have decided it is in mum’s best interests to move her out of Oakfoss House in an effort to give mum the care that she deserves.

We are taking legal advice in regards to further action against Oakfoss House and Denestar Ltd.

We would also like to thank the police and in particular DC Kirsty Lowe for her efforts, she has been a big help to us at this time”

– Simon and Angela Wood

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