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Date set for Olympian's golden homecoming party

Ed will get a Huddersfield homecoming to congratulate him for his gold medal success Photo: PA

Gold medal-winning cyclist Ed Clancy will be getting an official reception in his hometown of Huddersfield. It'll be held on September the 9th in St George's Square- where his golden postbox is.

There will be a firework display at the climax of the celebration homecoming.

The event has been timed around his busy schedule and he'll be returning to London to take part in the Olympic Victory Parade on the following day.

The mayor said: "I am delighted that Ed has accepted our invitation to mark his incredible achievements at the London Olympics and am looking forward to welcoming him back to the town he thinks of as home.

"We're all immensely proud of him, and congratulate him not only on what he has achieved for his sport, but also on being such an outstanding role model for our young people and an excellent ambassador for Huddersfield.

"I know he's keen to avoid the pomp and circumstance of other homecomings though, so this is going to be an informal home-grown affair through and through."

The celebrations kick off at 7.30pm in St George's Square and may cause some local traffic disruption.