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Wife prepares to leave for Greece and support her husband through his trial

Fran and Louise Prenga in happier days Photo: family photo

A plumber from Otley in West Yorkshire is set to face trial next week for offences of armed robbery - offences he insists he is innocent of, claiming instead he is a victim of mistaken identity.

Fran Prenga, who is originally from Albania, has been accused of armed robberies in Athens and is in prison awaiting trial. From his prison cell more than 2000 miles away from his family, this is what he has previously had to say.

Fran Prenga's only contact with his young family these days is by phone. It is weeks since he has seen his wife lousie and their baby daughter Maria.

Fran Prenga the family man Credit: family photo
Fran Prenga is badly missing daughter Maria Credit: family photo

Mr Prenga is being held on suspicion of carrying out an armed robbery in Athens back in 2006. But he and his family are convinced he is the victim of mistaken identity, because he was not even in the Greek capital when the robbery took place.

He is due to go on trial later this month. Louise Prenga is preparing to fly out to Greece next week and says she will stay there until her husband's trial is over - and hopefully his name is cleared.