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Rebecca Adlington to retire

Rebecca Adlington announces retirement Photo: ITV Yorkshire

The 800 metre freestyler who took double gold in the Bejing Olympics and bronze in London, says that distance swimming is a young person's game.

Rebecca confirmed she won't take part in the 2016 Rio games, but hopes to be there in a mentoring capacity. However she hasn't ruled out swimming the 200 metres in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in two years.

Rio is out of reach. I'll be 27 by then, and swimming, especially for

distance swimmers, is a young person's game.

If I was a sprinter then I would go to Rio. But I don't have an ounce of

sprinting in me, and that's why my Olympics are over.

If I were to race in Glasgow - and that's an if - then it would be in the

200m and 400m but definitely not the 800m. I'm done with that distance.

I'd like to be in Rio, though, even if I'm just a fan.

Hopefully I can be a bit more than that, like a mentor, or have some kind of

official or unofficial role with the British swimming team."

– Rebecca Adlington