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Floods - Calendar region

Barge sinking in the river Ouse - courtesy of @Krag11 Photo:

Heavy rain has caused chaos overnight and into today - with one barge in York completely sinking.

A 30 mile stretch of the A1 is now closed due to flooding. The closure runs from junction 49 of the A168 at Dishforth to junction 57 of the A66 at Darlington. There are severe delays.

And North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue are currently dealing with 20 incidents and 39 other potential incidents. They are mainly in the North of the county around Leyburn, Snape, Catterick and other areas around Richmondshire and Hambleton.

Crews from Humberside, Cleveland and Cumbria are either standing to respond or helping to deal with incidents.

The service received over 70 calls overnight to incidents related to the recent heavy rain.

The majority of the calls were received between 4pm and 10pm and were mainly in the west and north of the county, with many in the Harrogate and Summerbridge areas.

A number of domestic and commercial properties were affected by flood water, and crews pumped out numerous properties. A school at Summerbridge was affected by floodwater and fire service crews positioned sand bags and diverted the water.

A number of incidents in the Richmond and Colburn areas and northern parts of the Yorkshire Dales were attended. These involved flooded houses and vehicles - many on the A1 - stranded in flood water.

As a result there are flood warnings in place today in the Calendar Region. According to the Environment Agency, flood "warnings" mean flooding is expected and immediate action should be taken.

Today the areas with warnings in place include Willow Beck and Cockpitt Hill in Northallerton, and Gilling Beck in North Yorkshire.

Flood "alerts" - where flooding is possible and residents should be prepared - are in place around Catterick, Brompton Beck, Kirkby Wise, Richmond and Thirsk in North Yorkshire. For more information click here.