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CCTV after mini market armed robbery

CCTV footage has been released Photo: Press Association

CCTV footage has been released following an armed robbery at Victoria Mini Mart in Kilnhurst, Rotherham.

It is believed two masked men wearing dark clothing went into the mini mar with a silver revolver handgun and threatened the shopkeeper. The gun was fired and the men stole the lottery till with money before escaping in a stolen car.

They drove off in the direction of Hooton Roberts. A third man can be seen standing outside the shop and it is believed that he acted as a look out whilst the robbery was taking place.

This is an extremely serious incident and we have released the CCTV images in an attempt to identify the offenders and hopefully locate the stolen Vauxhall Astra Estate used in the robbery.

During the robbery a firearm was brandished and discharged and at this time it is impossible to establish if it was a valid firearm that misfired, or a blank firing firearm. Either way we are extremely lucky not to have had a person seriously hurt in the incident. The shopkeeper was extremely brave to protect his property and fight with the armed robbers.

The mini mart plays an important part in the local community and I would like to ask any person within that community who may have any information about the robbery or the stolen vehicle to contact the police. The offenders are clearly dangerous and should not be approached.

– Detective Inspector Lea Jackson