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Leeds 'hero' soldier awarded for bravery on frontline

Corporal Scott Dyson was on joint patrol with the Afghan National Army Photo: PA Wire

A Leeds soldier who ran through enemy fire to give first aid to a casualty wounded by an insurgent bomb has been recognised for his heroism.

Corporal Scott Dyson, of 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, was on joint patrol with the Afghan National Army in the village of Llara Kalay in Nahr-e Saraj when the ANA platoon came under fire.

The soldiers were besieged with a hail of machine gun and small-arms fire as well as rifle-launched grenades.

Cpl Dyson, from Guiseley, reacted by marshalling the ANA in how to suppress the enemy fire and protect their flanks while the remainder of his own platoon, in a separate patrol that had been providing support, had to take cover from the continued attack on their position 200 metres away.

As the other patrol tried to occupy a compound they struck a large IED critically wounding two soldiers. Chaos reigned and one of the casualties was blown onto ground that had not been cleared of IEDs.

Ignoring the risk to himself, Cpl Dyson ran through enemy fire across the 200 metres of uncleared ground, wading through a ditch to get to the stranded casualties and administer first aid.

The 29-year-old former Guiseley High School pupil was mentioned in dispatches for his bravery.