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Former rugby player Steve Prescott embarks on his latest charity challenge

Steven Prescott in training Photo: Calendar news

Despite being given just six months to live after being diagnosed with a rare stomach cancer six years ago, former Hull FC star Steve Prescott is still going strong. Today he sets off on the latest of his charity endurance challenges - swimming, cycling, running and canoeing all the way from Hull to Manchester, where he'll finish by delivering the match ball to Old Trafford.

The epic journey begins with a swim across the Humber - he will then cycle 130 miles to Liverpool, swim across the River Mersey, run the 18 miles to Runcorn Bridge, and then get back in the water to canoe 26 miles to Old Trafford. There he willl walk down the tunnel and deliver the match ball for the Super League Grand Final.

Steve Prescott has been given the go-ahead to take on the challenge Credit: Calendar news

Steve has a rare cancer called Pseudomyxoma Peritonei, which causes the stomach to look bloated. It is believed the tumour started in the stump of his appendix, which was left in him when he had it removed aged 12. It is so rare only two hospitals in the country - Christie's at Manchester and Basingstoke - have specialists to deal with it.

Steve has walked hundreds of miles across the UK, completed the London Marathon in four hours, 32 minutes, and has raised over £250,000 for charity. He was inspired to throw himself into fundraising after being inundated with cards and letters from fans, players and well-wishers. And he's not finished yet. Next year, Steve hopes to climb Everest. For more information or to sponsor Steve, click here