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Cash for regional road improvements

The Government claims the funding shows a "determination to accelerate growth and cut congestion". Photo: PA Wire

The Government has unveiled funding to improve key roads in Yorkshire.

In a speech to the Conservative Party's autumn conference in Birmingham later, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin is expected to pledge £14 million pounds for road schemes in the region to help "accelerate growth and cut congestion".

The schemes include:

  • Rotherham/Sheffield: M1 junction 33 - Widen the exit slip roads at the Catcliffe Interchange to three lanes and widen some connecting roads and roundabouts. (Cost £1.9m. Starts 2014. Ends 2015).
  • Doncaster: M18 junctions 2 to 3 northbound - Introduce a "lane gain" at junction 2 and a "lane drop" at junction 3, using the hard shoulder and part of the central reserve. (Cost £3.5m. Starts 2014. Ends 2015).
  • Wakefield: M1 junction 40 southbound - Widen the southbound exit slip road using the hard shoulder and widening connected local roads. (Cost £0.7m. Starts 2014. Ends 2015).
  • Leeds: M1 junction 41 - Widen the A650 approach to three lanes and improve traffic signals and signage. (Cost £2m. Starts 2014. Ends 2015).
  • Leeds: M1 junction 44 - Provide a "cut-through" in the northern roundabout alongside full-time traffic signals and localised widening. (Cost £1.8m. Starts 2014. Ends 2015).
  • Pontefract: M62 junction 32 eastbound - Widen the eastbound exit slip road.(Cost £2m. Starts 2014. Ends 2015).
  • Castleford: M62 junction 31 eastbound - Widen and extend the eastbound exit slip road. (Cost £2m. Starts 2014. Ends 2015).

These road improvements prove the Government’s determination to accelerate growth and cut congestion.

Keeping traffic moving is vital to securing prosperity. By removing bottlenecks and improving access to local enterprise zones, key international trading ports and communities, these road schemes will help get people to and from work and power the economy. They also have the potential to help deliver more than 300,000 new jobs and 150,000 new homes.

– Patrick McLoughlin MP, Transport Secretary

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