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Ban for 139 mph biker

Steven Smith clocked speeding at 139mph Photo: North Yorkshire Police

The fastest man ever caught by a police force has been banned from the roads for six months after being clocked on his 'superbike' travelling at 139mph on a B-road.

Steven Graham Smith, 40, became the highest recorded speeding biker in North Yorkshire Police's history when he roared past a mobile speed camera, which had been placed on the 60mph B1217 near the village of Saxton on the afternoon of September 29.

The golf course worker had visited a biker cafe on his Aprilia RSV4 before speeding back to his home in Wetherby, West Yorks.

The chairwoman of Selby Magistrates' Court, Sandra White, who had no guidelines to follow due to the enormous speed not being accounted for when they were drawn up, described it as a "horrendous example of bad driving."

She added: "You were driving at 139 miles per hour on a B road in the afternoon when there could have been other road users around.

"There could have been a pedestrian crossing the road. If they had looked to cross the road it would have been clear but at the speed you were doing you would have been on them in seconds.

"You are lucky to be standing here now and are lucky to not be facing a more serious charge.

"Normally we would not order somebody to take a retest when there has been no crashes or charge of dangerous driving but we feel we must in this instance.

"It's more than twice the speed limit in the middle of the afternoon.

"You have a previous conviction for speeding from May 2010 but clearly that has taught you nothing."

Prosecuting on Thursday, Angela Lewis said: "He could have been before the court for a much more serious offence.

"Had he lost control of the bike he would not have been here today.

"I'm sure he has taken stock of the effect that that would have had on his family."

Convicted speeding biker Steven Smith Credit: Ross Parry

Defending himself, Smith said: "It was an act of stupidity and the bike is now up for sale.

"I'm very sorry for what I have done, that's about all I can say."

The Aprilia RSV4 used by Smith to reach the huge speed was the same model used by world superbike champion Max Biaggi when he won the competition in 2010.

The bike is capable of reaching speeds in excess of 200mph.

Along with his ban and ordered retest Smith was also fined 415 pounds and ordered to pay 60 pounds costs.

Inspector Dave Brown of North Yorkshire Police’s Strategic Roads Policing Group, said: “This foolish act only strengthens the importance of safety cameras and today’s outcome will hopefully give Mr Smith a wake-up call.

"He should consider himself lucky to be able to attend court to face only a speeding charge and a big hole in his bank balance. The consequences of riding at such a speed could have been catastrophic for him and other road users.”