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Metal detectors used in search for Ben Needham

Ben Needham Photo:

Police from the UK are continuing their search for Ben Needham on the Greek island of Kos, using a powerful metal detector on the farmland where Ben was last seen.

Officers say they’re looking for things like toys the missing toddler could have been playing with when he disappeared 21 years ago.

"It's called a magnetometer. It basically finds and locates ferrous metals.

It's almost like a very powerful metal detector in essence that will potentially find things in the ground that may be of interest to us. "

– Detective Superintendent Matt Fenwick - South Yorkshire Police

Ben’s disappearance has been treated as an abduction for decades.

There have been no significant finds as yet. JCB diggers are expected to start moving the earth in the field tomorrow.

Ben's disappearance is the only reported case of its type on Kos. Locals say it has had an impact on tourism.

"It's true that some people can be affected when they choose holidays if they take into consideration this incident. We all hope to find an answer no matter how hard this will be."

– Nikos Sofos - Kos Tourist Board

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