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Findings of fresh review into Edlington child abuse scandal

The scene of the horrific assaults in Edlington Photo: Calendar news

The terrible events in Edlington, near Doncaster, in 2009, prompted David Cameron to famously say the case was evidence of Britain's "broken society". It was an act which sickened the whole nation - two brothers, aged just 10 and 11, first kidnapped, then sadistically tortured and sexually assaulted two other young boys.

The brothers left their victims, aged 9 and 11, close to death after a 90 minute ordeal of violence and humiliation. Their victims were led from a playground to waste ground in Edlington before being strangled, hit with stones, burnt with cigaretts, stripped and abused. The older victim had part of a sink dropped on his head before being left for dead.

The two brothers were jailed at Sheffield Crown Court in 2010 for a minimum of five years. It later emerged they had a history of family violece and were well known to care agencies but that social services, police and other bodies failed to act or pass on information about them.

An official report found that the attacks would have been 'preventable" if action had been taken by agencies to address the brothers escalating pattern of violence. When that report was published in March, the Education Secretary Michael Gove said it was "inadequate and he ordered a fresh review by Lord Carlile QC. That report is to be published today.