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Back to the future for mill owner

Work underway at the River Calder at Hebden Bridge to go green Photo:

A millowner in Hebden Bridge is going "back to the future" in a bid to run his business with green power.David Fletcher has installed an archimedes screw at his "Innovation" mill so he can harness the power of the River Calder to generate electricity. He believes water power is the way forward for the town which has, ironically,recently been beleagured by unprecedent flooding. The screw was being installed today after months of preparation work on the river bed outside the mill.

A waterwheel was first constructed on this site in 1314, with a replica wheel now installed inside the Innovation cafe. By generating its own solar and hydro power, the aim is to de-couple from the Grid in time to mark the mills landmark birthday in 2014.

Reverting to water power has been a long term ambition for Mr Fletcher, who bought the property in 1973 to save it from demolition.

"Innovation Cafe bar will not only be able to supply green tea.. but green soup, green sandwiches, green everything. In fact, along with other local projects this area is gaining a deserved reputation for sustainable energy."

– David Fletcher - mill owner
Archimedes screw on its way to be installed at the River Calder