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Family call for corporate manslaughter charge against probation service

Shabir Choudray was stabbed to death by his own nephew Photo: family photo

The family of a man stabbed to death by his "violent" nephew are planning to prosecute the West Yorkshire Probation Trust over his death. They want to bring a charge of corporate manslaughter, claiming that Zahir Aziz, who had a history of violence, was not supervised closely enough.

Aziz had been in prison several times for violent offences, for the possession of guns and for dealing in drugs. In December 2009 he was released from prison where he had been serving a sentence for GBH. He spent a couple of weeks in a bail hostel before his uncle took him in to his flat in Wakefield to try to help him. Shabir Choudray paid for that kindness with his life. Less than a month later he was dead, stabbed to death by his own nephew.

On his release Aziz had been classed as "low risk" by the West Yorks Probation Trust, who later admitted he had not been supervised as closely as he should have been. The trust also later admitted that crucial information about Aziz was not taken into account. It was, they said, "extremely rare for an offender under our supevision to commit a serious crime but every case is one too many." An internal review made recommendations to improve its practice.

Zahir Aziz had a history of violence Credit: Calendar news

But Shabir Choudray's family maintain this is too little, too late, and not good enough.